Live Action

The Garden

Blocking Session for short film “The Garden” – Nelson, July 2020.

I was lucky enough to be invited to produce Gayle’s Short film “The Garden”. So far I have Acting, Writing, Directing, Music and Animation credits to my name, so this will be a cool addition 😉
We had a Blocking session last night and start filming with a night shoot this evening and a full day shoot tomorrow. We have some great local talent on board with Briegh (who is also Director) and Mike O’Malley acting alongside Gayle. Cameron Ross is DoP, Peter Blasdale is our Sound Engineer and Betsy Blasdale and Torrey Shay will be assisting wherever they are needed. I just need to get the food!


That was the half-a-year that was!

So NZ has come through the first phase of this year’s plague. We just have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up before we can re-open our borders. However there are much worse places to be incarcerated than NZ, and I think at this time contrary to this old song “We DO” now.